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ARTrails - Annual Sonoma County Open Studios and Exhibition, 2 mid-October weekends, a program of the Arts Council of Sonoma County.

The Arts Council of Sonoma County - inspires our community to recognize and embrace the power of the Arts to enrich our lives.

Plum Dreams - Intuition + Information + Imagination for Social Change - Stories of renewal, in the Spring edition of Joyce Lynn's "Plum Dreams Diary". How dreams began a healing process that brought an artist peace. In a dream, artist Marsha Connell witnessed preparations for the Gulf War with other women artists. The experience led her to find inner peace and make a series of collages that transformed her creative endeavors.

SONOMAWORD 2007: CROSSING BORDERS - Highlights the diversity of literary performance art and its collaboration with the other arts. Sponsored by Healdsburg Arts Council.

Sebastopol Center for the Arts - A community of art, literature, and music. A grassroots, nonprofit created by a coalition of art, business and community members.

Petaluma Arts Center - A vibrant cultural hub for residents and visitors of all ages and income level. At the intersection of people and art.

Susan Sargent Designs - Colorful home furnishings and transformations of all kinds.

Transcend Solutions - San Diego Professional and Affordable Web Site Design, e-commerce hosting, and project management services.

American Philharmonic - Sonoma County - Created by musicians dedicated to reinventing the American symphony orchestra on sustainable democratic principles, we have grown from our modest beginnings in 1998, as the Cotati Philharmonic, to become the premier professional volunteer orchestra in the North Bay Area.

Beverlee Lehr - creates small or room-sized ceramic wall sculptures that mimic nature’s color and forms.

The Varo Registry - The Varo Registry is an electronic registry of artwork by contemporary international women artists. Celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2006 we are proud to be among the earliest sites to feature emerging and established women artists from all over the world. This site is designed for educational use by the fine art and commercial art worlds, and the general public to introduce works by contemporary women artists.

John Annesley Company - Since 1967, John Annesley and his family have been handcrafting fine art supports, stretcher bars and art panels for many of the world's museums and influential artists. His stretcher bars and panels have been used by museums and restoration experts to retrofit cherished works by Picasso, Cezanne, Monet, Matisse and Van Gogh to name but a few.

Artist Resource - connects, educates, empowers and promotes creative people in the visual and literary arts
by providing a supportive community online.

Painters Keys - The Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letter

the community

International Plein Air Painters - International Plein Air Painters is a blanket organization created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without the restrictions and limitations of borders or regions.

Skylark Images - a fine art printmaking studio offering state of the art digital services for the Artist/Photographer.

Landscape Artists International - Landscape Artists International is a collective effort by member artists from around the globe to increase the appreciation of landscape-oriented art by people of all walks of life, and to promote the careers of the member artists.

Art California - a project to increase the visibility of California art and artists -- past and present.

Art California Web Directory - provides access to the rich diversity of the artists and arts organizations in our state.

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